Sunday, February 15, 2009

Valentine's Day

I've always found Valentine's Day a bit, well, disturbing. As a child I remember how, during my two years at school, the popular kids would snub the kids that they didn't like by hiding their valentines in their own pockets so that person would KNOW they weren't cool enough. I was horrified! Now, I didn't really want Stanley to think I liked him like that because he did eat his boogers in class, but I would carefully select cards that said "You're a great friend" or "Have a happy day". The idea of all of our parents sending all 18 cards and these kids getting snubbed anyway just hurt MY feelings. As a teenager I hated Valentine's Day even more. It seemed to be the day when every guy that had a candle burning for me would publicly bestow me with gifts or attention. Ug. I have a shy streak and publicly receiving anything was disturbing enough, let alone a rose with a dozen garish balloons from a guy who I didn't want hurt in front of everyone. Also, WHOSE idea was it to celebrate the beheading of a priest as a romantic holiday anyway?

On our first Valentine's Day as a couple, Lou gave me a large bear with a heart declaring I Love You - hey, he was 18! I let him know pronto that, while I liked what the bear represented, I was NOT into theme gifts. I just wanted to spend time with HIM. We really didn't have to do anything special. The next year he surprised me with a single red rose in the back window of my car. The biggest part of this gift was knowing that he had woke up EARLY to accomplish this surprise before I left for my 8am class.

When the crap hit the fan at work this week, Lou was the only one that could re-work the system for the guys on location in New Mexico. He was gone most of the night Friday and all day Saturday, so, since I sound like Brad Garrett right now anyway, I hadn't planned on much. In recent years he has bought me beautiful, potted Tulips from the botanical gardens that I re-plant in my back yard after they have flowered. This year he surprised me with a second gift: Monty Python and the Holy Grail 2 DVD set. He even stopped after work to bring me home some Big Bob's. We had the best time watching MP and eating our yummy supper followed up with chocolate chip cookie dough I had managed to made for him. Oh, yeah. My guy is the best.

I'm still not a fan of Valentine's Day, but at least I don't dread it anymore - I know it's because of MY valentine. I even made cards for the boys and bought them garish looking doughnuts for breakfast. Maybe the day will grow on me...

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