Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Valentines at the libray

While Austin and Carson went to classes at the Creative Learning Connection today with Mr Sharman, Griffin and I had a Mommy and Me day. We started out at the Decatur Library Story Time where they were having a Valentine's Day party for the kids. Griffin had picked out these blank geometric, 60's looking note cards that we put rocket balloons in with a note saying "Being your friend makes my spirit soar!" He was so excited to give them out today! Here he is toward the back of the group listening to the story. He has a hang up about sitting on the G circle. That is why he was clear across the room from me.

Ms Kim, who does the story hour with them, had brought fruit, chips, cheese, cookies and fruit boxes for snacks. Griffin was really shy about opening his cards. He just peeked in to see what character there was on the card. He has been wanting to get his library card for about two years now and this week he read his first words (Yea, G!) so we got him his car as well. He got Kung Fu Panda and Bee Movie. LOL! Oh, well. He is really happy.

After the library, he wanted to go out to eat - just me and him. He picked Red Lobster (he knows that is my favorite) and after we ordered he leaned across the table to me and said "This is kind of like a date, isn't it?" LOL! I told him it was, but it was more like taking your mother out to eat. We spent a long time at Books-A-Million where I got some great deals on the clearance stuff and then came home and played a couple races of Speed Racer on the Wii. It was a nice day with my sweety-boo.

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