Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Freezing Our Butts Off at Burritt Museum

Long weekends should never be marred by illness, but that is just what happened to me this week. I had a HORRIBLE head cold from Thursday night until this morning. I am still coughing from the chest cold last Tuesday, but at least I can now breath and smell things! My Camry has been giving me problems (hesitating badly) and we had decided that it wasn't really safe to drive at this point, however this is Tuesday. Tuesday is errand day. Plus today was Dr Burritt's birthday so the Burritt on the mountain museum was free. I just couldn't stay home! Not after being stuck at home all through Valentine's Day and Lou's day off Monday! Lou stepped in and saved the day. He took a vacation day and we headed out - late - to the mountain.

The view from the top is great this time of year. See the rocket from the Space and Rocket Center?
There are several log cabin houses that have been moved to the property to display different times in Alabama history. This house was two separate areas with a breeze way through the middle. I'm sure it was great in the summer, but it made a wind tunnel on the top of the already cold mountain! As you can see the boys were COLD. LOL! I think the day's high of 57 was at 9 am and it had just continued to drop from there. The cold front that was coming in tomorrow was early!

One of the boys favorite thing there is the animals.

The "mansion" on the property is more like 3000 sq ft, but built with stone and beautiful deco detailing. It is an unusual house in that it is X shaped with a small second story in the middle.

Lou and I both really liked the fireplaces. Natural stone was cut in half to form an ink-blot effect above the first one. The boys were thrilled about it as well. LOL!

The second used one HUGE piece of rock to form the hearth stone. The coloring was just beautiful.

There was a large rock collection including these great florescent rocks. I couldn't believe my camera actually took this shot! LOL!

And, yes, I know this carpet on stairs, but this was the strangest carpet I have ever seen... I really liked it.

No trip would be complete without portraits!

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