Wednesday, February 18, 2009


I've been working on our house to sell this summer. We keep going back and forth between investing in some changes so it will sell and just staying here on a refinance. I'm having a hard time doing what is likely the wisest move - refinancing. The country is calling me!

For now I'm trying to get things looking the way I want so that I will be happier here. New paint isn't going to rid me of funky neighbors, but maybe I'll like being stuck inside the house more? Maybe. One of my top priorities is getting a new couch. Not the wisest investment with three little boys, but my hand-me-down couch from Mom and Dad is older than Austin and the fabric is literally shredding out from underneath us, piping has been pulled out from the middle seat and the back cushions are in desperate need of some sort of lifting. Lou has been working extra hours and a second side job to make some extra money for a new couch. Now comes the hard part. Figuring out what to get.

While we were out yesterday we looked at Furniture Row in Madison. We have had good luck there in the past and thought that would be the place to start. My favorite couch is there, but Lou and I agree that it would be risky.

I like this one in a tan color. Yes, it's leather. Soft Italian leather. The leather is better for the boys' allergies since dust collects in fabric. I really like this one. I would have to have two arm chairs for extra seating (I'm not getting all leather!) and that would be as much as the couch again.

I did see another that I really felling love with. It is fun and interesting and will manage to fit in my tiny living room while still providing seating for everyone.

The trouble is that it is very trendy and I worry that I'll tire of the print. Of course the print is on the throw pillow so I could just replace those when I get tired of it. The back is leather and the seats are denim. Very me. I thought with this one I could still fit ONE arm chair for extra seating and have enough for a nice arrangement.

Coming this summer: New Kitchen.

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