Sunday, February 28, 2010

End of February Progess

It sometimes feels like I am not getting anything done and it really helps to come here and post about what I did this week. I can SEE the progress and it keeps the melt downs at bay!

I have always been curious about how painting cabinets really works. You can read all about it but what about all that stuff that is IN the kitchen? How long does it take to dry; three hours or two weeks? (I have read both.) So here is what it is really like to paint your kitchen cabinets in one word: MESSY.

While the paint is usually dry to the touch after an hour, I have giving the paint a week to "cure" between coats so that it will stick better. After two weeks with all that stuff staring you in the face, you starts to wonder why do I have all this junk anyway? Also, how much do you really want to lug around to the next house? I'm thinking not much... ~shudder~ ONE more coat of paint and I am calling it good enough. I can't stand this much longer! LOL! I am just waiting for the next day over 50* so that I don't give the boys brain damage. This oil based stuff is STINKY!

Lou and I got the living room revamped with our new desk on Saturday. It looks SO much better with the armoire on the same wall as the TV. I don't think I have any pictures of how it was before, but those of you that remember will be shocked at how much better it looks now.

I still have a hot mess in the school area, but with a book sale coming up this week I think things will be flying out to may car soon!

Next week's agenda includes third coat on the cabinets, first coat on the island and touching up the woodwork around the house. Wish me luck and energy! :o)

Friday, February 26, 2010

Birthday Goodies

I just had to share some of the awesome things my dear friends and family got me for my birthday Tuesday. Lou started the celebration early on Monday night by surprising me with an iPod Touch. I hadn't asked for one, but he knew I needed it. Along with the player he bought me a years worth of free audiobooks! One per month for an entire year - Woohoo! I have had a ball picking out the ones I want to own.

My Mom left me my gift in the door the Tuesday morning: a copy of Emma...

and copy of My Life in Ruins...

along with a card with birthday money from her and Dad. :o) Ah, the gift of shopping!

Late that morning I met my friends at Chuck E Cheese so the kids could play and the moms could visit. We enjoyed the chat while the kids plugged coins into machines and regaled us with tales of the tickets they won. Karen and Keilee gave me the cutest, little white tea pot with various teas. It was so sweet! I just love it.

Wednesday afternoon the boys and I ran errands and I picked up an armband holder for my iPod for only $10 at TJMaxx.

Thursday afternoon a package arrived for me from Hong Kong. I knew what that had to be! The Totoro bento box Jennifer had ordered for me! It is too cute! I can't wait to use it!

Last night I asked Lou to watch the boys while I took a few minutes to go shopping. Since I haven't been to Hobby Lobby in ages, I started there. Just look at the treasures I found for under $20!

Lonnie and Brenda (Lou's dad and step-mom) are planning on coming by on Monday to celebrate again with me. Brenda had been sick this week so we postponed until she was feeling better. So this year, I have been blessed more than I deserve already and my birthday just seems to be stretching out until March. :o)

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Progress at Last

This week has been full of progress. Thank you lists! The wall paper that has been peeling off in the bathroom has been glued down, the cabinets have been sanded, closets have been cleared and the cabinets have MOST of their first coat of primer/paint. What a week! I promise to post finished result pictures.

My primer was interrupted today by a trip to the ER with my youngest. Seems that his big brother beating him in 10-Speed Bike vs. Big Wheel was getting on his nerves so he reached out to grab the bike tire and got his hand caught in the spokes. OUCH! His wonderful Grand-gran was watching him at the time and called us right away to see what we wanted to do. We rushed him to the ER for X-rays. Thankfully nothing they could see was broken or torn so he was bandaged and sent home. We are so blessed! I shudder to think how mangled his hand could have been. As it is, he has several abrasions on the back of his hands, swelling and bruises up to his elbow. Nothing that won't heal with time and a little Tylenol. He opted out of the traditional post ER ice cream... because he wanted crab legs from Red Lobster. LOL! What can I say? The boy takes after his mother!

Next week looks to be another busy one. The list says I have to patch up the cracked drywall from the jacks we put in last summer, prime and paint said cracks, move the furniture to accommodate the new office area and start clearing out this year's old homeschool materials. It is the first year I can start giving away things for pre-school and kindergarten too. :o( Time marches on without regard for a mother's feelings, ya know?

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Inspiration to Work From

I have been making slow progress this week on the house. I did manage to buy the Zinsser primer I needed for the cabinets and I have everything sanded and ready to roll-on-the-white-paint! We have been having a cold spell here so all of the outdoor projects are on hold until spring thaw, but with school in full swing and birthday season quickly approaching I will need all the things inside finished, and soon, to be done in time. With so much going on outside of getting the house ready, inspiration has been necessary. Not just for here, but for the house we hope to buy/build. So, just in time for Valentine's Day, here is what makes my heart skip a beat...

Storybook Homes
(Havisham is my favorite)

I am obsessed with Laundry rooms - big ones. Four guys = HOURS of laundry a week. Why would I want to do it in a closet?

Walk in Pantry - isn't it beautiful? Apparently no one in America cooks anymore because finding a house or even house-plan with a real pantry (aka larder) has proven more than a little difficult.

Secret Doors - Carson and I have a deal that we will have at least one of these in our new house.

Country Kitchen - I love the warm familiar feel of a country kitchen.

Window Seat - There is nothing like a window seat to make me want to curl up with a book!

But most of all...
Country Chic: Blackberry Farm Walland, Tennessee | Apartment Therapy DC
Give me land, lots of land...

Monday, February 8, 2010

Creepy Crud

It seems like as soon as I mention doing work I get sick. I hope that isn't some kind of Pavlovian thing where the thought of work makes my immune system break down! Surely not! While I was sick this week I had lots of time to think about the upcoming move and after talking it over with Lou we have decided to move the show date up two weeks. Are we crazy? Probably. The New Home Owners Tax Credit expires on May 1st - the DAY we were going to put the house on the market. Seemed kind of stupid to me. SO we are shooting for April 17th - eight weeks. Yikes. If that date doesn't scare me into action, nothing will!