Monday, February 2, 2009

Groundhogs, Hiking and Clint Eastwood

Sundays are SO long for me. I have gotten in a rut where I hate to go to church so just getting up is a pain. After getting up it is 4-5 hours of church activities including services and small groups. After that we were free this week and with the 60* weather, well, I wasn't going to just come home and rest! We packed up the kids and the dog and headed off to Dancy Bottom Trail in Wheeler Wildlife Refuge. The beavers and/or muskrats had been chewing up the bridge there again, but there were NO other signs of spring on the way. Not the first wildflower or even green shoot. We walked there for about 3/4 mile before the trail turned into a nice wade and we turned back. We weren't really done hiking though so we headed to another favorite, the Flint Creek Trail across the highway from the headquarters. We got to see all the lovely shades of algae that grow in stagnant puddles of the Tennessee River; red, green and silver. Hmmm. There were Egrets out fishing and Raccoon prints in the muddy banks. We even ran into some friends there since Kim and I had the same idea about warm winter days.

On the way home Lou dropped the boys and I off at Mom's for some quality time with my nephew, Tristan, while he took Misha home and changed clothes. Tristan is such a cutie! We played ball and he ate more than the other boys combined. I got some good hugs and we even worked on important words like "Auntie". Heehee. He is such a ham. I even got some kisses blown to me before we left.

Tom, Bonnie, Lou and I went to the Monoco to see Gran Torino by Clint Eastwood. We had supper at The Scene - yummy sweet potato fries - and then headed to the Prive' for the movie. It was SO good. I highly recommend it. By the time we got back to Mom and Dad's it was 11 and the little guys were asleep in bed. Austin was up wanting his blankie. Sigh. I think he just didn't want to sleep.

This morning I was hoping against all hope that my favorite rodent Phil would let us out of winter (you know he can do that right? LOL) and I was, of course, disappointed. Oh well. I am going to use my six weeks of winter to work on cleaning the house. It will take me that long...

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