Saturday, February 7, 2009

Hiking in Bankhead

Since the weather was almost 70* today, we took a family trip to Bankhead to enjoy the sunshine. We met Kim and Wes at Wren's "trading post" to lead the way to Caney Falls. It isn't my favorite hike for a first time out, but it is by far the prettiest. I was really surprised by all the cars when we got there. Imagine how much MORE surprised I was when one belonged to our friends the Chappell's! Turns out there was a Wild South hike this morning that I had forgotten about. Too bad, I have always wanted to see lower Caney falls... Anyway, when we got to the falls there was a lot of ice hanging off the rocks and overhangs which was really cool.

Kim and Wes were great and pushed though the steep hike back, but opted to call it a day. Since it was almost two o'clock and we still hadn't eaten any lunch, we went around to the Sipsey River Park to eat on actual picnic tables. Packed sandwiches, oranges, corn chips, Oreos and bottled water filled us up enough to take to the trail again. Since the Sipsey site is a pay site, we thought we'd get out money's worth and hike the trail there. We took off on the south trail headed to a couple of falls. The ice, by now, was starting to fall from the canyon walls with lots of crashing drama that the boys loved. They spent a lot of time "skating" on the ice that was all over the floors of the trail.

We saw a dead deer in the creek. It was odd. There were no signs of it having been shot or having a broken leg. It was like it just lay down in the creek and died. We saw tracks that were either deer or pig at Caney Falls. More likely pig. There was a blue tailed skink on the trail as well. At least I think it was, but it had dropped it's tail so it was more of a no-tailed skink. Lots of nature and lots of exercise. The perfect Saturday.

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