Sunday, August 29, 2010

Goodbye Kittens! ~sniff~

All of the kittens have new homes as of this afternoon. It's amazing how quickly those weeks go by!

Nixie was the first to head to her new home yesterday. The family that took her have another kitten at home and wanted a playmate for her.
The twins: Nixie and Baron

Baron and Croft went another family with lots of kids and pets to play with as well. I know they will be well loved at their new home!

Croft playing DS

Baron sacked out!

Boone and Kuma are still with us while their families prepare for them.


I'm awfully glad they are "trickling" out like this. It'll be tough not seeing that huge pile of kittens outside the back door or loosing a kid and finding them snuggling kittens on the back step. Winter was still nursing them pretty often. I'm sure she is worried about the missing babies. She has been such a good mommy!

As much as I've enjoyed the kittens (fleas and all!) I'm glad there is a date marked at the end of the month that says "Winter Spay 8:15".

Friday, August 27, 2010

104 Days of Summer Vacation - ending...

Do you remember this post about what the boys wanted to DO this summer? Well here is out list of the things they chose as well as listings of the things life handed us.

1. Camping under the Stars - we got close on this one. We stayed out watching the Persieds meteor shower until 3 am.
Photo by Matt Crawford

2. Family Game night (twice a week) - since all our board games are in storage, this one has been reduced to a couple times a month...
3. Learn to make cups (that one is G's - that boy is a sucker for a field trip!) - We didn't find anywhere that manufacture cups, BUT I did know how to make one of paper. Thank you useless origami studies!
4. Swim -  At friends' pools, the Hartselle pool and we FINALLY have our pool in and we have been using it like crazy!

5. Hang out in a Hot Tub - Thank you Cathy for this one!

These are the things we didn't get to this summer, but we have plans to get to a few of them yet;
Build a clubhouse
Go to Spring Park
Have an airsoft/paintball War
Water gun fight
*Visit a Waterpark
Build a robot
Meet the Mythbusters (that may have to be a long term goal - LOL)
Make a card tower
Bowling  - in September
*Buy Ice Cream from an Ice Cream Truck

* maybe next year...

One of the nice things about life is that sometimes awesome things happen that you never planned like;

Having baby kittens

Photo by Esther Crawford

Family vacations

Free Movies almost EVERY week

KungFu Panda!

Fireworks at Point Mallard on the 4th of July

Visiting the Turtle Farm

I can't believe that the summer is almost over. We started school a couple of weeks ago. So far they are doing pretty well. It's too hot out to want to be gone too much so I am using this time to keep them focused on math, grammar and LOTS of reading. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Autumn, but I'm sure sad to see this summer go...

Monday, August 2, 2010

Washington DC Trip (part 3)

Saturday morning it was difficult to decide what we wanted to see on our last full day. We decided that a late breakfast/early lunch would be in order. 

Hard Rock Cafe style!

Right next door was the Ford's Theater. We weren't going to visit it as the tickets were supposed to be bought ahead of time, but there was no line so we thought maybe we could slip in and see something. Turned out we were able to walk right in for the talk about the theater and assassination without waiting.

I learned so much there that I can't wait to share with the boys. On the way back to the Smithsonian we passed the FBI. We would have liked to have toured it as well, but there is SO much to see!

Smithsonian Natural History Museum

I found Kevin! I hear he liked chocolate and canes.
I also discovered I am 60% similar to a banana.

The Hope Diamond

I really loved the forensic area. Each body was set out with a "case" they solved.

Smoking kills you. Got to love this 27 year old's "pipe hole" from years of smoking.

Smithsonian American History

Abraham Lincoln's Hand cast

Julia Child's Kitchen

After hours of walking, some sitting was in order. So we took the night bus tour of DC.

The next morning we knew the Metro lines were being worked on and that the train ride to BWI was 30 minutes so we took a quick tour of the DiVinci inventions at the National Geographic Museum. Turned out it was the same one I had taken the kids to see in Huntsville! Lou enjoyed seeing it for the first time though. 

We headed out to Union Station and did a bit of shopping and walked to the capitol before spending several hours at the airport. We had a wonderful, if tiring time.

Washington DC Trip (part 2)

Friday morning Lou picked the Air and Space museum as our first stop. 
Me and Amelia Earhart

The Red Baron
Wright Brothers

My choice for the day was the West wing of the National Gallery of Art.

After we were through there, there wasn't much time before we needed to get ready to head to the Kennedy Center. Lou had bought me tickets to see Marry Poppins! 

The theater is beautiful inside! no cameras were allowed in the theater so I didn't bother dragging it with me, but I did find this picture online.

The show was wonderful. I would love to take the kids to see it when it makes it here.