Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Happy Birthday to Me!

Confession time: I love to celebrate my birthday. It's not that I want other people to celebrate it so much as I want a REASON to celebrate with other people. Birthdays work quiet well. Mine, yours, your dogs... Mom and I were planning on going shopping and out to eat for my birthday on Friday since that is her day off. We don't usually torture the boys with actual clothes shopping, but for my b-day they could deal. Our plans changed with the onset of my 7th illness in 6 weeks. We went to the doctor instead leaving the kids home with Lou.

There was SOME birthday celebrating going on this weekend. Lou got me tickets to see Spamalot at the VBCC on Saturday night. That is probably one of the top ten birthday gifts I've ever gotten, so when I felt too bad to go, I didn't let that stop me. Lou was sick by then too. We trudged on and within 20 minutes of arrival I knew I should not have come. I could hardly walk a strait line and walking took extreme concentration. I spent the first act fanning myself and trying to stay vertical in my seat. After an arduous trip to the ladies room, I was sure I was going to die in the theater holding my "I'm not dead yet" t-shirt. Oh, the irony. I managed to make it through the second act and even hacked a wheezing laugh a few times. The play was hilarious and was glad I had made it. I spent the entire day Sunday with a fever and chills and told Lou that if I did die he had to bury me in my new shirt.

For the last five years Esther and I have celebrated my birthday (the first time by chance) with a trip to Cherokee Rock Village and High Falls Park near Weiss Lake. The first two years it was 75*, the third I was in Florida on a business trip with Lou (the girls all went without me - ha!) and last year we all got hypothermia. This year wasn't much better. I was 6 hours out from a week long fever and cough, so I had to bail. Plus the weather was looking like 40* again. Ugh. When it is 40* at the bottom of a mountain it is FREAKIN' COLD at the top. So much for traditions. We have rescheduled the hike for next Monday.

I got several calls from family that were wishing me a happy birthday. I have promises of several belated birthday lunches or days out in the next two weeks. I feel so loved. :o) The best thing about the whole weekend is realizing how many people really care about us. Has there ever been a better gift than that?

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