Friday, February 6, 2009

Max & Ruby

The Princess Theater in Decatur has a great line up of children's plays each year. Usually they don't sell to individuals as they get enough business from the public schools to give the homeschool community the cold shoulder. You can buy large numbers of tickets at a time, but not 3 or 4. Being the organized lady I am, I missed the cut off for the 20 tickets available to our homeschool group to see Max and Ruby. No, big deal, I thought, No one was very excited about that one anyway. Then on Sunday I mentioned in passing to my Mom that we would be missing the play and Griffin started to cry. Okay, I said, I'll put out the call for any tickets that come up. Sure enough we got an email... while I was at the Dr with Austin on Wednesday morning. By the time I got home, the tickets had gone to the second person on the list. Shoot. I decided after another tearful "Are we going to see Max and Ruby today?" that I would call the theater and see if there were four extra seats to a show. There were NO public show so this was my one shot. I called the lady in charge of school shows directly and she was SO nice. She said there were enough seats left open that she didn't see why she shouldn't (which makes me think that there is some policy in place there) and she sold me four tickets to Friday's 12:30 show.

The show was put on by Theaterworks USA. It was so cute! Even Austin was engaged by the funny antics and catchy songs. All in all, well worth the trouble and I have one happy Griffin-bug. There were NO pictures allowed at all, so nothing to share there. We even made it out in time to catch the last half of skate day. :o)

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