Sunday, January 31, 2010

Blog? What blog?

It seems like the faster my life moves the more I get myself in gear. Maybe I just work well under pressure. The fact that I want nothing more than an empty calendar serves as a testament to my lazy bone being in good health. So setting a pressure date should be helpful right? Lou and I have set a House On the Market Date of the first of May. Why are we moving? We have three very active boys, their entire school, my husband's home office as well as housing my various hobbies and a huge hairy dog in just under 1600 sq ft of house sitting on just under an acre of tree covered land. It is just not comfortable to say the least. Having two of the boys sharing a 12 x 10 room is more than uncomfortable for all involved. There is also the matter of my hating living in town. I don't like having neighbors. Mine aren't so bad, it's just that they are THERE and I can hear them and their pets at all hours. I am itching to get my home moved somewhere with space and silence - well until my kids are awake anyway. Somewhere with (I can't believe I am saying this) fewer trees so there is enough sunlight to grow a tomato and enough room to plant a real garden. I have even tossed the idea of chickens or bees out there which caused Lou's eyebrows to form this alarming W shape - wonder what that means...

So here is the count down: 12 weeks until D-day and 14 projects (some major) that need finished before the house is show ready. Updates forth coming. Wish me luck!

Friday, January 8, 2010

Totoro Bag

One of Griffin's favorite movies is My Neighbor Totoro. There aren't many products out there (in America) that go with this Japanese classic. So when your 5 year old asks for a library book bag that has Totoro on it... you get crafty. I was going to applique Totoro onto a homemade bag, but while I was picking up my Wonder Under I found THIS bag for $3. Sold!

After piecing Totoro together and embroidering him, I used the WU to iron the pieces down onto the book bag. Once they were fused on, I stitched the edges down through the top zipper section (all the seams are hidden inside).

The eyes of the forest spirit need drawn on. If I did it again, I would make Totoro a little less cat-like, but on the whole I'm happy with it. I can't wait to give it to him tomorrow!
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Monday, January 4, 2010


I've been a bit bored with my living room. I mean I love the new look (couch, lamps, freakin' enormous TV), but the Bungalow Gold and White with more Bungalow Gold was getting on my nerves. I need COLOR! Since I have the same color in a lighter shade in the kitchen/dinning room AND hall, I decided to try to tie it all together using the accent color in the kitchen - blue! But not just blue - no. I wanted blue and RED with my gold.

There is NOTHING in blue and red unless you want a flag. Ugh. After four different stops I finally found a color and pattern I liked with all three of my colors in it at Hobby Lobby! JOY! A second stop at Hancock Fabrics yielded me some reminents in coordinating colors and some notions to finish things off; a little more blue, some red, a few zippers so I can wash the darn things, a few hours of sewing... and viola! Pillows for all!

There is one pillow in the top picture that I didn't sew, but even my Mom couldn't tell which one. I am pretty proud of that! Three of the five pillows are feather stuffed and wonderfully comfy. That is SO much better! Now if I could just find some edging in those colors for my curtains...