Sunday, September 25, 2011

Welcome Autumn Hike

Arrowhead Landing

Turtle Sunning

Rough Green Snake Baby (Pencil sized)

Mount Ant-suvious

Half-way there - Mile 2

The Tennessee River

Bama Buckeyes?!

Green Snake #2 = Extra Large

He didn't move when we walked right over him and then only when G pet his tail.


Dragonflies abounded

Me. :o)

Total hike distance 4.5 miles + total hiking time 2 hours 30 minutes = Priceless!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

End of Summer Fun

The weather is hot again today, but it is so great to have a few days in-between where the temperature only rises to 75*. We are hoping to get in a few more swim days before the water us just TOO cold anymore - meaning nearly frigid for the boys.

Walking the labyrinth in Huntsville

Pavers from the labyrinth

Walking the labyrinth with friends

Overlook at Burritt on the Mountain

Sci-Quest fun!

Playing in the creek at the Park
Swimming at Smith Lake

Slip-n-Slide with our Church

Playing with the littler kids at the party
First Cub Scout campout

Bicycle Rodeo

Cub Washed kid

Austin's baptism
Valley wildflowers

Morning Glories

Train tracks

My hikers