Saturday, April 17, 2010

Thrifting and FInishing Up for the Day

This morning I headed out early to drop off a few things at the local Boy Scouts' yard sale and then decided to have a peek around. At $8 for anything you can stuff in the bag, there was nothing to loose! I found four pillow shams that I really loved in blue, brown and cream to match my bedroom (two euro and two king sized), a beautiful glass jar with a silver lid, a pair of candlesticks, two swallows that were perfect to hang in my bathroom and for an extra $2 a huge straw beach tote. What a deal! I'm sure that it will all come in handy with staging this week.

After I got home, Lou, Dad and I got started on all of our projects for the day. Dad and Lou's big project was to install our new full glass back door. I looks fantastic! They didn't finish up the trim, but by the time they finished it was lunch time and Dad had afternoon plans. Still it looks to much better that I don't even care! LOL! Now the back yard that we love so much is framed out by the full on view. Lou also got the new locks in both of the new doors and all the keys match. :o)

My projects for the day were to paint the chandelier:


Stage Griffin's painted Room:


And take another load of household things to the storage building...

Well, ALMOST done for the day.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Kitchen Mouldings

One more check off the list. These Styrofoam moldings are so close to the real thing that only you will know! They come with pre-made corners so the tough part of putting up moldings (getting all those angles and edges right) is done. I LOVE them!

Carson's Birthday

Monday, April 12, 2010

Exterior Home Reveal!

I'm a little excited can you tell? Woohoo! The front yard is finished (well, with the exception of the last bit of sidewalk that needs filled in) so I'm posting the results. Here is what the house looked like four years ago when we first found out we needed to replace the porch and add clay to seal the yard off to further damage;

With a lot of paint, a new roof, mulch, landscaping, front door and new flower boxes, the house looks like new. LOL! Are you ready?

I am thinking I will repaint the shutters as well, but the color is still undecided. The flowerboxes are my favorite addition by far.

The back yard is getting near finished as well. Here is a sneak peek at the mulching magic:

Up next Griffin's room neutralization...

Friday, April 9, 2010

Bankhead Outdoor Classroom

No, I'm not updating the house because I'm a tease like that. Instead I am going to give you a peek into our distraction for the morning. After 4 days of HARD work and another afternoon of the same on the books, I knew my guys needed to get out of the house... and yard.

Wow. Blogger is doing something... interesting with my pictures. So, um, lay your head down and enjoy...

Our motley crew:
How to use an increment borer and date a tree - that one was 53. 
They also had a tool that measured the height of the tree with a little telescope thing called a clinometer. They use them to figure the volume of the tree for resale of the ones that have to be cut.
The boys' favorite site by far was the forest fire team. They told about the benefits of prescribed burns and the dangers of wild fire as well as how to keep a camp fire at bay - which they demonstrated.
Map of the 20 burns they have completed this year already.
The Alabama Archeology area - BLOW DARTS! Who knew? Everyone's favorite: the arrowhead.
What is made from trees? The kids tried to make an A-Z list.
Lunch is never as good without a koolaid mustache!
Guess who showed up at the end of the day? Everyone's favorite woodland mascot.

And remember, "Only you can prevent forest fires!"