Friday, November 12, 2010

SIFAT Field Trip

5:15 - My coffee maker wakes me up. Ugh. Alarm didn't go off. Rush to get ready. Remember why I don't get up that early. I feel like throwing up.

5:50 - Karen calls and they are running late as well. Thank goodness! I have time to get my sunglasses from Mom's house!

6:05 - My kids are stunned; the morning sky is red. (Note to self: wake kids up early from time to time.)

6:15 - Pick up Karen and Keilee and hit the road. Only, 3 hours to go...

7:30 - Kei not feeling so great. Carsickness strikes.

7:45 - Stop at gas station for motion sickness pills and bathroom break. Not feeling so hot myself. I'm driving. Drat.

8:05 - Stop again. Bathroom and food. Maybe something to eat will help? Ugh.

8:30 - Keilee is feeling better. I'm still puny.

9:00 - We realize that we should have come up on our turn to 82. Crap.

9:40 - Turn around and find a post office to ask directions to SIFAT.

8:55 - Call coordinator to let her know we are not dead. Just late.

9:45 - Finally arrive! Thank you God! Now I can do without the stomach ache, please?

10:00 - Our group arrives in Guatemala. Fresh corn tortillas - looked and smelled great!

10:30 - Rope bridge time!

11:00 - Hang out in the Philippines. Learn to dance the tinkle. Tingleinky? AH! Tininkling! Thanks Wiki.

11:30 - Brick making class. Boys leave the cat alone!

12:00 - Lunch

12:30 - Ugandan huts and goats. Checking the "pantry".

1:00 - Water purifying in the "slums".

1:30 - The guy in Bolivia is awesome. Talks about the politics and the people and their propensity for eating Guinea pigs.

2:00 - Finish up and hit the store. Scored a great ornament for our vacation collection.

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  1. Such a great day! We are still talking about it.