Wednesday, November 3, 2010


I am ready for the quiet of late fall around here. It seems like the more we do outside of the house, the less I like being at home. It seems wrong to dislike your own nest. It almost certainly has something to do with the mess my "nest" turns into when it's only used as a dumping ground for relaunch. October was crazy with trips and days out. This month I am focusing on staying home more and finishing more productive projects around here. Part of me is almost glad that the house isn't showing more. The stress of getting three slobby little boys to clean everytime we walk out the door has been more than I can take. I have started having issues with TMJ symptoms because I was clenching my teeth so much - even in my sleep! I have been so angry at everyone and everything. So in the last ten days - since our ONE showing - I have made sure things have been more relaxed. We hired a very proactive Realtor so I don't think our issue lies there, but more in the fact that the market is flooded with houses and the prices keep falling. Our house is priced as low as we can take it right now, so our options are limited and our time frame is quickly passing by. We want a larger house, but if we can not afford to leave this one, we will refinance, hire a yard service and stay for a couple more years. We may not have a choice. If that happens we will have to seriously reexamine what we NEED to keep around here. The boys have missed their things in storage, but I sure haven't. I have however missed my books and bookshelves. Some nice quiet November days with little to distract is just what I need to get back on the contentment path; some time to decide what we really use and love and what can go to bless someone else. Some quiet should get things into perspective again....

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