Thursday, November 11, 2010

Off Leash Training

I've been wanting for a while to train Misha to stay "off leash" while we are in the front yard. I figured the best way to do that is to start off running away with her. You see, she's had this problem ever since she was a pup, that if a gate gets left open (or she figures out how to open it again) she takes off like a shot and runs amok until we can catch her again. About six months ago, around her third birthday, we reached a milestone. When she got out, I called her and she stopped and waited until I leashed her and brought her home. The same thing happened two more times this summer and I figured the time was right for a near home trial run; a LONG one to make sure she was ready to be home again!

 Misha never saw this Anole, but the boys spotted it!
 A boy and his dog.

  Catch a falling leaf and you get a year of good luck or the reversal of bad luck.
 Misha did a whole lot of sniffing and peeing. I think it was all the deer she was smelling!

 My plan is working! That is one tired pup!

For the first time out she did amazing. We took the leash in case the needed it, but we didn't. Just as we were about to come home a couple of neighbor boys were walking past (back toward the trail head) and she decided to go with them. They very sweetly told her no and go home. I called her and she came right with me. Two years ago I would have said that would NEVER happen, but here she is following her pack! Thank God! She definately needs lots more training before I'd trust her with big distractions, but it was a very encouraging start.

Oh, and I'm still working on the best trick ever. She likes socks, so every time she brings me one I give her a treat. 90% of the time I get them pre-chewed now, but I'm making her follow me into the laundry room to get the treat. Think I'll ever get her to put them in the laundry for me? She IS easier to train than the boys... ;oP

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