Saturday, November 13, 2010

A No Show

When I got home from our big SIFAT trip last night I had a message from another Realtor asking to show our house... 5 hours ago. I called her back, not wanting to fail to follow any lead, and got her on her semi-functional cell phone and she said they had asked to see our house specifically. I have to admit I was a little excited about that. Maybe we had had a "drive by" showing already! Through the crappy connection I caught that they would still like to see it, either tomorrow (Saturday) or Monday. Uh, what? Okay, just let us know and please show the house if you can't get a hold of us. So last night after getting up at 5am and walking about three miles, I started the clean up process. It went surprisingly fast. I think we've found our groove, but what I really wanted to be doing was relaxing!

Ash has the right idea!

This morning, I finished up the cleaning tasks I like to do before a showing; sweeping, vacuuming, mopping and putting out my nice linen table runner. I had promised the boys BLT's for breakfast but told them that because the smell we were going to have to wait until lunch and have it at Gran and Grandpa's house. So around lunch we packed up and headed out to Mom and Dad's to share lunch with them. We waited there for the call, but when none came by 1:00 we gave up and headed back to work on some more projects. I'm glad someone wants to see the house, but I'm just thinking that this Realtor of theirs wasn't very considerate leaving us waiting all day like that. Thanks lady. All will be forgiven, however, if she brings us an offer we can accept!

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