Tuesday, November 9, 2010

After Halloween Sale

I love the week after Halloween. I know it's crazy to buy your costume for next year now as kids will change their minds and grow out of them in the next twelve months, but just to have on hand for play time, they are awesome. My guys have always loved costumes. As a matter of fact, Carson wore costumes almost exclusively for three years. Needless to say, we have quite the collection. Griffin had been missing them as they were one of the first things that went into storage, so when I happened upon this (non-musty) trunk at an antique sale for $5 I snatched it up. I have plans to give it a makeover, but it's fine for now.

These are about half of the collection. Yes, we do need to clear out a bit! Especially since we just added these beauties to the collection:

Night Fury

Deadly Nadder

Beware the dragon licking dog!
These are on sale for less than $5 a piece at WalMart this week. Now I just need a few lessons in How to Train Your Dragon.

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