Sunday, March 1, 2009


The first sounds in the house this morning were of the boys urgently calling each other to "look outside"! A light blanket of snow covered the ground. You would have thought it was Christmas morning. LOL! There is nothing like the 3-4 inches that were predicted (thought it is still falling), but for kids in Alabama, this was a blizzard!

I take for granted that the kids understand dressing for snow. Growing up in Ohio we knew the drill; double pants, thermal shirt under warm sweater, double socks, Snow pants, warm boots, gloves, scarf, hat and coat. Then you have to take it all off to go to the bathroom and start all over. My kids put on bluejeans and tee shirts under coats. Sigh. I sent them to pee and then we started over. After I was pretty sure everyone was appropriately dressed with what we could patch together, we went out into the white.

Griffin was the first to brave it. He was not so impressed with the way the snow was cold and wet. Austin and Carson started planning an attack on me. Misha barked at the snow that was still falling and generally looked happy for once about her double fur coat.

I thought since the attack was coming anyway I would get ready for the fight. I put down the camera and showed the boys how snowball fights are done. LOL! Okay, well I got hit some too, but we had a great time. After about ten minutes I couldn't breath. The cold air was getting to me. I had to call a truce and go inside. Lou was up and dressed by then and went out to fight the boys.

I kept yelling "Hit them back!" through the window. LOL!

Poor little Griffin came in about then. He was FROZEN through all the clothes because he had rolled in the snow. We don't have snow pants in Alabama. I pulled off his wet things and started some hot chocolate. By the time it was ready the big guys were all inside and ready to warm up too. Snow days may be rare in Alabama, but I think that is what makes them so nice.

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  1. It was so great to wake up to snow this morning! Poor Griffin looks like he's frozen solid in that last picture! Enjoy your snowy, hot chocolate, fun filled day!