Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Austin's 11th Birthday

Austin usually has a BIG birthday. Actually he has had a combined birthday with Carson and Griffin for the last 3 years and BIG birthday parties each year before that. This year he didn't have any party that he really wanted. Not bowling. Not sleepover. Not camping. "Just pick something Mom," he said to me. I picked SURPRISE party! Hahahah! We showed up at Chuck E Cheese at 11:30 this morning and Dustin and Jake met us there within minutes. It was all very exciting. See:

I got the high score on Street Ball. Freakish. Who knew I was ANY good at b-ball?

Austin's party then moved to our house where the boys played Wii for 5 hours. Oy. They had a ball though. Surprisingly they all really loved the cake and made sure to "one up" before heading back out to game some more.

Austin has issues with being still at the best of times and CAN NOT while playing games. Yes. He is tied to the chair. LOL!

Overall I think he had a great day. I just can't believe he is getting so big. Sigh.


  1. Austin and Griffin's birthdays are so close together! Is Carson's soon? ;)

    Happy Birthday Austin! He was almost an April Fool's baby.


  2. I just LOVE the look on Carson's face eating the pizza! HA! Looks like the boys had a great time! and I LOVE the cake! That is just WAYYYYYY too cute!

  3. Karen Carson's is the 15th. They were all due the 26th of April. LOL!