Thursday, March 12, 2009


There are a lot of ideas about homeschooling that aren't true. The worst of which is a misnomer; we are NOT home. Our schedule is such a mess that I have a big wall calendar and a pocket calendar that I have to line up at least twice a week. This week's schedule was crazy, so when the rain canceled a couple of trips I thought, "Well, at least I'll be home to get some stuff done." Pft. Yeah, right... Those days filled up with Dr appointments (Austin has warts now - sheesh) and trips to the park and off to play with friends and changing out winter clothes for spring. One thing I did manage to fit in was grocery shopping. A day late. But darn it, I got it done!

Menu for the week

Shrimp Pasta
Fajitas for the guys (MNO for me)

Banana Bread
Lunch with Mom (5 Guys)
Asian Salmon, rice and pineapple

Pancakes and sausage links
PB&J sandwiches and chips
Lamb Kabobs with yogurt dip and grilled veggies

Sausage and Biscuits, fruit and smoothies
Beef nachos
Spaghetti, salad and garlic bread

Church breakfast (Lou had the wrong date) Doughnuts, oatmeal, toast and fruit
Small groups TBA
Left over spaghetti or Steak, Salad and Mashed potatoes

Toast any way you want it
Sardines on crackers and fruit
Stir Fry, egg rolls and Rice

Out for lunch

School is still on the upswing. The boys' bean plants have grown like crazy:

Only Griffin's tomatoes have sprouted so far. I'm not sure the other two boys' will get sprouts. Oh, well. They can plant the rest of the tomato plants for me next week. We are hoping to have some healthy enough to see in a few weeks. Want to pre-order some?

Speaking of next week, we have been listening to Helen Keller's autobiography in the car in anticipation for the rescheduled trip to Ivy Green on Wednesday. Austin is really into it. Griffin is fascinated with the idea of deafness and blindness. Carson is really bored. LOL! I am going to introduce the idea of painting with words to him this week. I'll read the descriptions that Ms Keller wrote of her world and have him paint them for me. Maybe that will get him interested. We also have a hike scheduled, family in for Mom's "spring break" and a friend visiting from Texas. One thing is for sure. We will not be HOMEschooling much the next few weeks!

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