Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Pop-up Friends

Today started out like every other Tuesday. There was a the mad dash to clothe and feed the boys in time to get to the library for story time, the struggle over where to eat lunch, the whining about getting groceries... Ah, Tuesday. Today I had an added bonus: mow the yard. I gave Austin the option of mowing or putting up the groceries. He picked groceries! LOL! He HATES to mow. When we walked in the house there was a message from Esther saying that she and Suzette were playing in the new pop up camper at her house if I wanted to come over. What to do?

I told the boys to hurry as I rushed out back to get the mower going. After what seemed like a year of trying to find the key to the gate and wrestling the mower over this winter's sticks and leaves that separated the front and back yards, I was finally ready to mow. Nope. There were TONS of sticks out front. I ran around like my hair was on fire picking up and throwing the branches toward the road. Sheesh! Now I was ready! Well mostly. I hit a HUGE piece of asphalt in the grass. Don't tell Lou. ;o) It got done and the mower still runs.

A quick call to say we were on the way and the boys and I were at Esther's by 3:00. She and Suzette were already in E's new pop up camper. It was so cozy! The two beds made for nice perches for conversation. I propped up at the table in the middle with the sun at my back. We snacked on sugary cakes and chatted while the kids played build (or UNbuild) the fort, Privet Manor and DS. How does that always sneak in there? It was so relaxing just hanging out with friends like that. It made me ache for another camping trip with nothing but time to hike and chat. Hopefully soon. I have promises of squeezing us in the campers when the rain or cold hits. It's good to have such awesome friends...

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