Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Me + new = Menu

I'm finding it hard to catch my thoughts this morning. They are wheeling around so quickly in my head. Bare with me... We have pretty much always been healthy eaters. I shopped mostly on the outside of the grocery isles and we have a 30% sugar or less rule for the boys' cereals. However, having an allergy puts a whole new spin on this. I CAN'T make the quick and easy recipes I have used for 10 years because they ALL have some form of dairy in them; milk, cheese, sour cream, buttermilk, cream soups... In the last year I have had to learn to cook again. It has been an eye opener to the things we were eating that STILL weren't good for us. Many foods have whey powder (a possessed milk fat) added to enhance the flavor and most butter is made of hydrogenated oils with casein (the other milk protein) added for flavor. It is a tough balance between what is healthiest and what I can actually eat. I have found that these days making a menu saves me time, money and frustration like never before! I have also stopped shopping at WalMart. The meat and produce there STINKS. Most of it is from China and Argentina where they have lax laws about what they do to your food. I am so tired of picking through the yucky bins. We have gotten sick off the ribs there for six months now, ever since the switch to all prepackaged non-USDA. As an added bonus of this healthy menu I have lost quite a bit of weight - about 15 pounds this year. So here is this week's menu for a new me.

Tuesday night (yes supper last night - LOL)
Wild mushroom soup, Shrimp cocktails, boiled purple potatoes

Cereal and bagels (with cream cheese for the boys)
Sandwiches, plums and celery (with peanut butter for the boys)
Asian Salmon, rice, fried zucchini with garlic and mushrooms

Tomatoes and Toast
Roast Chicken, Strawberries, Carrot sticks
Bar-b-q Beef Ribs, Rolls, Mashed Potatoes, Corn

Crescent Roll shells with Eggs and Bacon Bits
Out with Mom for my Birthday
Steak, Salad, Asparagus

Brunch: Bacon, Egg, Tomato, Lettuce sandwiches
Date night

Our turn to make Breakfast at Church: Homemade doughnuts, egg casserole, toast and jams, fresh fruit
Small group lunch (TBA)
Crock-pot Chicken

Jelly filled Crescent rolls
Baked Mac and Cheese (sandwich for me)
Red Beans and Rice

Pancakes and sausage links
Out to eat on errand day...

I'm really excited about a couple of cook books I picked up at the library this week. On is Small Plates by Williams-Sonoma and the other is Fabulous Fish; Fresh from the Sea: 50 fish and shellfish recipes by Liz Trigg. Now that I'm shopping at Publix we can get real fresh fish and sea food. Yum!

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