Saturday, March 7, 2009

Seeds! Seeds! Seeds!

This week of school was very laid back and things just clicked for us. I love it when that happens! We had been studying the presidents for two weeks and it just wasn't sparking them at all, even using my living books and seeking out the homeschooled presidents first. Nothing. We muddled though and, although I learned a lot, I'm not sure much stuck for them. This week I had a bad case of spring fever so we started our yearly March study of plants. Each year I try to pick a slightly different version of the theme (bulbs, trees, garden planning and planting, soil) and this year I thought Griffin and Carson would like to talk about seed germination. I checked out about 25 books, bought veggies seeds to start inside and the boys just ate it up. First we planted beans in glass jars. (I am trying my hand at African Violets for my terrarium.)

Austin had done this about three times so I told him he could flip through a garden project book and pick something else out. He picked out a tire stack that you grow potatoes inside. I talked to Mom and arranged to get two old tires when she buys her new ones. Check! Now I need a potato to start indoors...

During the week we read several more books including Seeds! Seeds! Seeds! by Nancy Elizabeth Wallace, Rolli by Koji Takihara and Container Gardening for Kids by Ellen Talmage. I let the boys pick from our extensive collection of seeds (we never use them ALL) and this is what they picked:

Jalapenos for Carson, Thyme for Austin and Tomatoes for G. I love the bean project for little guys because you get nearly instant results. Here is three days latter:

Next week we are delving into seasonal weather changes (since we missed that in February), all different kinds of plants and plan out our veggie garden we are making with Grumpa. The boys have classes at Creative Learning Connection Tuesday, Ivy Green (the home of Helen Keller) on Wednesday and hiking at Hurricane Creek on Thursday.... Maybe we will just play instead? LOL!

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  1. That is so great! I LOVED growing beans as a kid! I should do it again sometime! You know they sell beans with messages on them now? I saw a picture of one with "I Love You" engraved on it- so neat!