Sunday, March 15, 2009


Living far from my very large family is hard. I know just how much I am missing by living 8 hours away. It is extra nice when I do get to spend time with family, like this week. My cousin Lori and two of her girls, Alyssa and Megan, were here to visit yesterday and today. We had a ball talking about homeschooling and hiking and a slew of other things. It turns out we have lots in common and she lives not TOO far away in South Carolina. We have plans in place for a get together involving some hiking and historical sites in the near future. :o)

Aunt Kathy and Christian are here to visit for the rest of the week as well. I think I've talked them into our homeschool trip to Ivy Green on Wednesday. Woohoo! The boys are just loving having them here. Aunt Kathy spoils them rotten. Austin was fighting to sit between her and Mom during the movie today. Christian is their super hero of super sized portions. They think he can do ANYTHING. The boys absolutely refuse to believe that he was once Griffin sized. LOL!

On a different note I finally found my picture from two years ago of all the kids at CRV. Hard to believe they are even the same kids!

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  1. I can NOT believe the difference in the kids!
    Awwww they are all so little!
    Ben looks the same only bigger.

    See you guys Wednesday,