Sunday, October 3, 2010

Weekend Bliss

There are those weekend that just make you happy with life in general. This weekend was one of those for me. I think about 75% of my happiness is based on climate. This weekend was PERFECT so my weekend, while good in merit all on it's own, was just amazing with some help from mother nature. 75* and sunny... Ahhhh.

First there was Friday, the day for band and field trips.

GA's trumpet
C's clarinet
 This week was skate day. I've been in the NACHO support group since my mom started it in '89. Yep, I had that terrible moment of "Holy cow, I've been doing something for 20 years!" YIKES!
Limbo time at NACHO Skate Day
 Another big event for the week was getting the cat fixed. It is extra interesting around here as Lou and GQ are really allergic to cats and the momma cat was supposed to spend a week inside. Uh, no. G enjoys a morning snuggle with Ash, Winter's baby, who we let in the house to be near his mommy. That lasted two days. Both of the destructo cats are outside again. I figure if they can dismantle a bathroom over night, she is fine to play outdoors. Hope that doesn't come back to bite me, but my guys can breathe again.

I scored a great find on Friday afternoon while shopping for a birthday present. These cups:
They are John Darien label from Target. At $2 a piece for melamine cups they are a steal. Ad in the super cute design and they are just fabulous! I had been eying them online for a while and had given up on our local Target getting any, so it was really awesome to find them this week. I used my prize money from the fair plus a little mad money to get a set of two of each design. Honestly I'd have bought all dragonflies if there had been enough left.
Saturday was my nephew's birthday and he turned...

T turns the big 3!
How cute is he? He told me when he got there that he was "a man now and I got BIG muscles!" Oh, I replied, because you are three now? "Yes." I love the sureness of preschoolers. Everything is black and white and they know everything!

G enjoys the sand if not the sun

GA hovering to help with the littles.

T and Lou
 This next picture is the story of the last three weeks for poor GQT. Allergies suck, but he won't let it slow him down. He packs some Kleenex and sneezes his way through Autumn.

Warm sand in his toes...

Dangle practice
 No one can match T's mad skilz on the slide. That kid is greased lightning!

T and his Daddy check out his new bike.

Auntie Nannas made him a FAB Spongebob cake.

My favorite shot of the day...

Best Buddies

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