Wednesday, October 13, 2010

A Dash of Summer in October

The last week has not been very fallish. As a matter of fact it has closely resembled August with it's hot breezes and dry days. We started off the week by celebrating Lou and my thirteenth anniversary. Yes, we got married when I was ten. LOL! Tuesday was the perfect day to stay home, but that didn't stop us. We had library materials ready to be picked up! The morning's drizzle was short lived and the temps rose back up into the mid-80's after lunch so we met friends for a quick picnic.

GA was in need of shoes for the fall. I don't think I can handle this Crock thing much longer. He always looks like a duck with his huge rubberized feet. Thankfully he picked something new for the winter season:

They are Bearpaws (not bearclaws - lord, don't accidentally click that!) and, yes, they greatly resemble house-slippers, but they are, according to the website, shoes. Soft furry shoes. GA is in love. At first I thought I'd lost my mind paying $24 for slipper shoes, but after looking on their website I guess it wasn't such a bad deal.  As we were leaving the store G insisted on pictures:

Blogger is really getting on my nerves with these sideways pictures. Sigh.

Last night a storm system went through full of thunder and rain - the first of the month - and deep, deep sleep. We awoke this morning to cooler temps again. This weekend's forecast is hardly worthy of mid-October with sunny 75, but at least it's cool enough in the mornings for the boys to enjoy a nice cup of hot chocolate again.

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