Friday, October 22, 2010

Ah, cold season...

Sadly, cold season has found us despite the weather being almost 80* - AGAIN. Does is still count as a summer cold if it's not technically summer? I think it's making up for spring taking forever this year to arrive by summer never leaving. When it gets like this in the deep south, there is no fall. The leaves just give up on life, turn brown and throw themselves from the trees. The short rain shower we got last week has helped some - I did see a couple of trees with yellow and orange - but nothing like the beautiful autumnal color we have had in the past. I'm sure it will get good and cold before we leave for our family Thanksgiving at the beach. I just don't care for warm Christmases. It's hard to get in the holiday spirit if you can't even wear a sweater... but I digress. 

Today's list of things to do was greatly altered by being stuck in bed. Right now I'm listening to make sure the kids don't kill each other over the song program that they all have such wonderful ideas for (the last creation went something like "my butt makes me look fat"), planning meals/grocery list, updating my blog set up (I made that header myself!) and coming up with wonderful Christmas crafting ideas.

Our homeschool group's Mom's Night Out is tonight. It's a once a month thing and I have been counting down the days until this one. They offer a great chance for me to work on Christmas gifts without little eyes seeing and blabbing. Since tonight's is a no go for me, Lou has offered to handle the boys and I am going to hide in our room and get some stuff done.... or sleep. While I was looking for Christmas projects a while ago I came across a few awesome ideas. I think I hit a real winnero. Now all I need are scissors, plastic bags and a stick!

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