Tuesday, October 12, 2010


This year I have really struggled with whether or not to participate in Nanowrimo. No, it's not a cult. Well, it almost is, but it only lasts for a month. You see each year thousands of crazy people writers participants commit themselves to 30 days of writing insanity - fifty-thousand-words-in-thirty-days crazy. I have participated for the last three years and have almost finished twice. The other year I logged in a pathetic 2,000 and started downloading my verbose emails to Esther to plump it to 4,000. Sigh. This is my year however. I can feel it! I have a new strategy: divide and conquer. It is a two part strategy involving dividing my writing into two different works (a fiction I have been piddling with for two years and a non-fiction book of lesson plans) so I don't loose interest in the projects and having a weekly writing numbers instead of daily. Think it will work? Maybe not, but it will sure be fun to try!

Now if the house sells in November... that will make it interesting...

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