Thursday, October 15, 2009

London Calling: Day Six

Saturday was not a day to do much. We were all tired from our whirlwind trip to Wales the two days before, so we started off with a proper English breakfast. Sausage, eggs, grilled tomatoe, hashbrown wedge, English bacon (which is a cross between American and Canadian), mushrooms, beans and toast. The sausage there is delicious. The meat is more finely ground and not as spicy. I pigged out.

We toured a few of the nearby towns surrounding London. This house was just breathtaking in person. Such incredible architecture!

Then, welcome to the town of...

where you can eat at the...

It was Saturday that I got my first look at London proper. I was so taken with the old buildings from centuries past.

My first look at Big Ben.

I am such a geek. Anyone recognize this spot?

Yep! The road the Leaky Cauldron was on!

This building is called The Gherkin. London is a town of the very old side by side with the very new.

Tower Bridge is really beautiful! I wished I could call the boys to watch me cross on the live video...

After that we drove back home for Fish and Chips!

It was a nice slow paced day. I was still tired, but I couldn't wait for the next day when I was going to tour London's sites.


  1. Mmmm... brown sauce! I am going to put that on my grocery list before I forget...