Friday, October 30, 2009

Halloweens Past

Ghosts of Halloweens Past:

1998 My little stinker. Skunk Austin

1999 Bad parenting year. Lou and I were at a party so Mom took Austin to a few houses in her neighborhood. I'm pretty sure he was dressed as Po from Teletubbies that year...

2000 Pooh Bear

2001 Bob the Builder and a Bumble Bee

2002 Buzz and Woody

2003 Harry Potter and Norbert, the baby dragon

2004 Anakin, Santa, and Baby Bear

2005 I have no pictures from Halloween night - weird. I do have these that I got from our fall pictures of the knight costumes I made them and G in his dragon costume. They were really into theme dressing!

2006 Red Ranger of Gondor, Bald Eagle, and Harry Potter

He decided to wear his Pterodactyl costume that night instead.

2007 Ninja, Devil and Lion

I couldn't keep him out of his costume that year. He wore it for a week. Too cute!

2008 Frodo, Ninja and The Thing


  1. You should have hear him. The feet made crashing sounds when he walked - all 35 pounds of him. Heehee.