Friday, October 16, 2009

London Calling: Day Eight and Nine

By Monday poor Simon was worn out! He had injured his foot a couple of weeks before and walked about 15 miles and driven us another 300 in the past week. He gladly bowed out for the day as we ladies had decided that a tour of "shopping" London was in order. We started out in Camden.

There were lots of little markets and tiny shops with suveniors. I thought I would like to have a small something to take back (besides my pictures) and found, of all things, a coat. It was PERFECT! I looked to Jennifer to talk me out of it, but no such luck. I had to buy it!


China town had up banners. My best guess is still that they were for the Mooncake festival, but it was really late for that.

We made our way back to the house to clean up before our big night out at the theater. We had tickets to see The Woman in Black at the Fortune Theatre. As we made our way there the slight dizziness that had plagued me off and on for several days started to worsen until I would hardly stand up strait. I went to the restroom thinking that maybe I just needed some air. The restroom was smaller than a broom closet and with a line of 15 women waiting. When I got in to the stall it was smaller than the plane's restroom. The venue itself is tiny; the chairs were so close and cramped that the guy next to us had an inch between his knees and the seat while sitting strait in his chair. I felt terrible all the way through the first half and when the intermission came I had to call it quits. I felt so bad about wasting my ticket like that and even worse about wasting Jen's. Jen and I caught the train home and I realized that, having forgotten my Nasonex at home, my sinuses had gotten impacted. After some hot tea and warm supper I got in bed to try to get some sleep before my flight back the next morning.

Six hours later we were awake again and making our way to the airport. I couldn't believe how quickly the days had flown by. I missed my guys terribly, but had it REALLY been eight days since I had left? With hugs and many thanks I parted from my hosts and spent the next 16 hours making my way home. I slept pretty well in the plane and the food situation went much better for me (thank you vegan!) so that despite a really sore throat I was feeling pretty good on landing. I managed to stay up until 8 o'clock telling stories and looking through my pictures.

I can not say thank you enough to the FABULOUS Jen and WONDERFUL Simon for putting me up and putting up with me for the week. It was the trip of a lifetime and I will always treasure it. THANK YOU!!

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