Friday, October 23, 2009

And finally, Pumpkins!

Today was supposed to be a down day. After big days on Wednesday and Thursday, Friday was going to be the nice quiet start to my weekend. That is until Thursday afternoon when I returned home to find a message from the dentist reminding me that we had a cleaning and a filling scheduled for today. Oops. Forgot about that one...

I decided to make a day of it. After Griffin's cleaning and Carson's fillings were done we headed to Chuck E Cheese's to play. I had giving them the choice of CEC or the Great Pumpkin Patch since CEC was cheaper and closer. They didn't fail me and chose the mouse! When we arrived there were FIVE buses parked out front so I ran in to see if they were coming or going. Going! Score! The guys played and had fun for a couple of hours while I played some Ski-ball and then read my book. It dawned on me that Reeve's Peach Farm used to have pumpkin patches and that last year they had trucked in some to sell. That was close and we could get pretty cheap ones with good selection. Nothing like a good place close to home! Guess what we saw when we pulled up?

Turns out that the drought last year had made planting a field of pumpkins a loosing proposition so they had just skipped it for the one year! At 39c a pound (you pick) it was a steal. The boys were SO excited that they got Chuck E AND pumpkins in a patch!

Here they are with the booty. This is the first year I didn't tell them that they had to carry them or pick something lighter. I've always felt kind of bad about that. If I had two kids I wouldn't do that, but three pumpkins means THREE trips back and forth and I'm just too lazy for that. Well, except for today. By the time I had all four pumpkins (Hey, I needed one too!) taken to the scales to pay and then back to the car, I was one sweaty, grumpy momma. Needless to say, there will be a return to the evil next year - if you can't carry it you can't have it. Now I'm too tired to carve them...

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