Friday, October 16, 2009

London Calling: Day Seven

Sunday was our big tour day. I had about a million things I wanted to see, but I had narrowed it down to just a few and a few extra in case we finished early enough. It was on Sunday that I noticed that London always has a slight smell of sea water to it. It isn't strong, but it's there. The town is amazingly clean for such a big city.

Only in London. This is a store exclusively for umbrellas.

The British Museum

The interior looks bigger than the exterior.

My number one must see: the Rosetta Stone!

Celadon work! After reading A Single Shard I was really excited to see the real thing.

I loved this guy. He looked like Jack Skellington.

Phone booth! We aren't going to talk about what this one smelled like...

Every once in a while you would see a door like this with the handle in the middle. I just loved them!

The Tower of London was incredible. Since it was Sunday it was a bit crowded and I was worried because I couldn't hear the tour guide. I rented a headset tour instead. No photography was allowed in either the White Tower or the Jewel House, so I saw the crown jewels and awesome armor, but NO pictures. Sigh.

Can you see the different layers of building in the wall?

Changing of the guard at the Constable of the Tower's home.

Memorial to those that died in the Tower. Apparently it was a great honor.

This is a replica of Henry VIII's armor. I had seen the real thing and cracked up at his interest in showing off his, uh, assets. None of the other armor had that...

King's Cross Station was a must see for me and since it is that main hub in London it wasn't much of a stretch. I knew that there was a platform 9 3/4 somewhere, but after a little searching I had to ask. The man was very sweet and gave us directions to get there (it is by platform 8) and then mentioned that Daniel Radcliff had been there filming the night before. Eep!

Be still my heart! I'm on my way to Hogwarts!

Gasp! Simon made it through! LOL! The Asian people behind us thought that was SO funny and immediately imitated him for their pictures too.

I grew to love the Underground. The ease of travel in the city was great. Like all Londoners I started hearing the words "Mind the Gap" in my sleep.

Jen had talked all week about the fabulous Wagamama. The name was weird but the food was AWESOME. This is my ebi raisukaree. Why don't we have a Thai-Japanese fusion place? Ugh, I'm hungry again...

Simon mentioned that since it was dark... did I want some night time shots? Uh, YES!!

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