Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Weekly Menu - by 3 boys

This week for school the boys and I are talking about cooking and nutrition. I include myself because I have NO idea how to make most of these things. When we went to the library this week I cleaned them out of story books about food. Here is a picture of tonight's supper:

Hoecakes - George Washington's Breakfast by Jean Fritz
Beans and Rice - Everybody Cooks Rice by Norah Dooley
Sushi - Yoko by Rosemary Wells

Panakacakes - The Star Wars Cookbook II by Frankie Frankeny
Latkes - Latkes, Latkes, Good to Eat by Naomi Howland
Scorpions for Tea time - The Fear Factor Cookbook by Bev Bennett
Roasted Chicken, Carrots, Stuffing and Cranberry Sauce

Cereal (With the Star Trek toy :oP)
Darth Maul Double Dogs - The Star Wars Cookbook II by Frankie Frankeny
Sushi for Tea time - Halmoni and the Picnic by Sook Nyul Choi
Bar-b-que with Ashely and Elliot

Bacon and French Toast
Pokemon Mac and Cheese with Hot dog "Powerballs" and Salad People - Salad People by Mollie Katzen
Wildflower Tea - book by the same name by Ethel Pochocki
served with Ginger Teddy Bears at a picnic - The Totally Tea-Rific Tea Party Book by Tanya Napier
Burgers and Bubble City Salad - The Star Wars Cookbook II by Frankie Frankeny

Small groups
Tomato Soup and Grilled Cheese

Darth Maul Dip (modified - we are just using Humus with the stencil) - The Star Wars Cookbook II by Frankie Frankeny
Brownies and IceCream for Tea time
Homemade Mac and Cheese (TBA for me)


  1. Do you have a sushi recipe? That is easy. LOL

    I want Kei to try it but all the recipes I see I would need to buy like 20 things!!


  2. Ours were California Rolls. I bought nori (seaweed sheets), medium grain rice, a cucumber, a pack of fake crab, an avocado and some wasabi paste. I already had Rice vinegar, but I have read that you can use regular as well. I think it was about $2 for nori and less for the rice (don't buy the special kind for $7 as the medium worked really well). The Wasabi paste was $4, but I saw it at WalMart for $2 and we didn't use it anyway. You only use a TINY amount of everything. I microwaved the rice, used regular bowls and wooden spoons, and saran wrap for the sushi mat. It was much easier than I thought from the directions. Just boil the vinegar sauce, pour over and cool the rice. Build and roll those puppies up. The boys like them with ONE thing at a time, but I liked the crab and avocado mix best. We are going to try Oshizushi next (no nori for G to get choked on). :o)