Friday, May 29, 2009

School's Out!

Well school is kind of out. We never really stop school. We have taken the week off from Saxon Math for Austin and I haven't been asking them to write things down, but we are still full force learning. Strange how that happens even when you don't push it. They have been practicing piano again, Griffin has been exploring seeds/blossoms/food and Austin has picked up a couple of new book series (Mark Twain and City of Ember). I have been working on my violin again and dusting off my Japanese CDs. It helps them to see me struggling to learn something new. They have also been forced to listen to Revolutionary Characters with me in the car. LOL! Learning isn't just for school, it IS life.

Today was a nice quiet day. I learned that WD40 will get glue trap glue out of your washer, but nothing gets it off your clothes. There was also a nice moment of - "Hey, my laundry only took 5 minutes to put away!" That was a nice reality check since I hate doing that for other people. I also toured around Moulton rather than through it and discovered that it is a really lovely little town.

Mom had a trip to the Doctor's office in Moulton and I got to see Thomas for the first time in FOREVER. However, I did not get introduced to Glair. Pout. Mom and I took the boys for lunch at Captain Dave's in the downtown area where we feasted on steak, burgers and... corndogs. Yum. I'm sure I'll miss the cheap eats some day, but for now I worry about their taste. Corndogs over fried shrimp? Really?

I have been spending time this week complaining to anyone patient enough to listen, that we haven't done anything denoting SUMMER yet this year except cook out. We haven't been swimming, we haven't camped out, we haven't had a water balloon fight followed by Popsicles... Nada. It has just been too cold this year. Even now it is a grayish color outside and any hint of a breeze makes it seem almost chilly. I'm not wishing for a Texas summer - no thanks! - but warm enough to get IN the water would be good. We have two swim parties scheduled in the next two days so wish us luck (and warmth) as we plunge into the summer season.

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  1. I used to love Moulton. Before I knew that I shouldn't! [being from Decatur ;)] My daddy's parents lived there and I spent many a happy summer day exploring downtown. I thought it was so cool that I just could walk from my Mamaw's house to TOWN!
    I'm with you with the no summer. Kei said yesterday, "I can't believe I haven't been swimming yet!"
    That being said, the weather is supposed to be beautiful the next few days.