Monday, May 11, 2009

Baby Kitten Needs Good Home!

People are forever dumping kittens on Bud Weaver Road near my parents' house. For years we have stopped and picked up baby animals to take to the pound or find good homes. That is even where we got Wiskers the Wonder Cat, so it was no big surprise to find out that my dad had pick up yet another kitten. The sad part was that this time the kitten was SO tiny. With the flooding in that area we think she was the first to be pulled out of the woods and none of the rest of her littler made it. This little Manx gal weighs less than a pound. Her eyes are open (pretty blue) and she's is walking, but she is still a bottle baby and too little to clean herself up so she needs a full time "mommy" for a couple more weeks. Lou and Griffin are both very allergic to cats (which is why Wiskers is OUTside) and will break out from just touching them. Mom would like to keep her, but with the guys allergies she would have to put the baby outside with the dogs and her's have already tried to kill the kitten twice. Lucy, as the boys have dubbed her, is a dear little baby that needs a good forever home. If you think you or a friend would be interesting in a keeping her, please contact me and let me know! The boys just LOVE her and would love to have a friend take her!


  1. All I have to say is, HOW CUTE!!!!! She IS a beautiful little kitty and I would love to take her in, but I am so afraid of Lobo or Calli getting ahold of her... Needless to say, I am rarely home because of work and the gym, I wouldn't be able to give her the care she needs right now although I would be more than thrilled to do so... :o(

  2. Thanks anyway Diana! I found her a good home and she left this afternoon. All's well!

  3. Awwww... I'm so glad you found a home for her. We just adopted one three weeks ago and she is still on the bottle most of the time. So cute though... even though I have to run home still in the middle of the day to feed her.