Monday, May 4, 2009

ACSC Work Weekend

Our work weekend at church camp got off to a SLOW start. We decided to wait until Saturday morning to leave, owing to dental appointments and a closing on a home equity loan on Friday afternoon. We met up with Michael around 8:30 and hit the road. Then sat on that road for an two hours.... When the wreck was cleared, we started off again. Just in time to stop for lunch. Sigh. We finally made it to the camp around 2:30 and most of the indoors work was done. I headed out with the boys to help watch the kids swim.

The newly moved dirt was too temping for some...

I don't know who's dirt kid this is....

The next morning while we were making a big breakfast there was a phone call to let us know that there were bad storms heading our way at 11:00. We ate, cleaned up, got the semi stuck and unstuck and then jumped in the tour bus and off we went. The boys really thought they were something riding in there! LOL! Anyway, we were there for less than 24 hours, but everyone got lots done.

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