Sunday, January 9, 2011

Winter's Repose

Picture by Lou Woods

1. a state of quiet restfulness; peace or tranquility
2. dignified calmness of manner; composure
1. to place (oneself or one's body) in a state of quiet relaxation; lie or lay down at rest
2. (intr) to lie when dead, as in the grave
Winter's repose. Sounds so poetic. Why aren't there more poems written to the wonder of a day spent in "a state of quiet restfulness; Peace or tranquility"? 
Snowfall in Alabama requires only three things to make it perfect winter repose: 
1. Depth - roads and schools don't close for a flurry - usually
2. Electricity - often our snow is mixed with ice and it's a real downer to freeze inside your house
3. Bread and Milk - because should the power go out, you will be eating cereal and sandwiches until it all thaws. 

I have high hopes of a day of snowy repose with tea and books, movies and games and an attempt at sledding tomorrow. Death of the daily round - repose for all!

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