Thursday, January 20, 2011

Windy Wednesday

Yesterday we met friends at the library for a bit and thought we would go for a nice short hike. After all it was supposed to be almost 50* and sunny just after lunch. We picked up our respective meals and headed to Green Mountain to hike. As I opened the car door I realized that the temp had NOT hit 50, or 40, or had even risen in the least since 7 am. The Crawford crew was retreating back into their car after eating as quickly as they could. We ate in the car. Once a couple of other friends made it to the mountain top we began to consider our clothing situation. The past several days had lulled us into believing it was March and not mid-January. Most of the kids were wearing hoodies. We put together as many extra coats and hats and mittens as we could find and headed to the covered bridge. I took pictures, I promise, but I was shivering so badly that most didn't turn out.

The kids ran ahead, but were called back. That was enough hiking for me! My ears were frozen and I was feeling miserable. I wrapped a fringed scarf around my head and ended up resembling some kind of psychotic Tunisian. Poor Austin had a cold and here I was running him around on top of a mountain without gloves. Sigh. We opted out of the rest of the day and took our snuffly heads back home for some movie time and hot tea! The day wasn't a total loss. I did manage to find three new books and get in a few macro shots that didn't stink too bad for this week's Project 52 assignment.

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