Saturday, January 22, 2011

Reading Displacia

I have created a name for what happened to me this week. I am calling it Reading Displacia. You see I picked up some AMAZING books a couple of weeks ago:

Some really wonderful books were sitting on my nightstand... and I could NOT read them. I started The Elegance of the Hedgehog with enthusiasm and delight and within 100 pages, but brain quit. I swear my IQ dropped to 80. I suddenly didn't understand and struggled through each chapter knowing I wasn't appreciating it as I usually would.

I thumbed through The Ghost  Map and Thread of Grace with little interest and even less comprehension.What was happening to me? I needed distraction in the worst way and, for the first time in my life, my books were failing me.

Much of my new found Reading Displacia can be blamed on the departure of my husband on business for two and a half weeks but part of it was due to the snow that has been plaguing gracing the south lately. We are not accustom to long hours without sun light. Is this the winter the north dreads so much? I can see why now! My mind was in desperate need of distraction and these were, like the snow, just too deep for me to trudge through!

Wednesday, I got three new books. They are just "fluffy" enough to keep me interested and, as I have passed the half way mark of Lou's trip and finishing books, I am starting to feel myself again.

Hopefully my RD will pass and I will have my functional brain returned and check out my "smarter" books again, but for now a little book candy was just what I needed to get back to myself again.

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