Thursday, January 27, 2011


I'm not sure it's quite common knowledge, but I have inherited quite the temper. I used to think it was a throw back from my Great-Grandpa on my Mom's side, who was quite the eccentric and used to do things like make a hospital break through a screen window with a butter knife or drive his tractor on the roads when they took his drivers license. He made an easy scape goat for most anything odd in my personality. In the past few years, I have tried to file away observations of my Dad's family since I grew up over 500 miles away from them. I have noticed a thread of similarity in the Beadle clan. In this case, a propensity for throwing things and being very grumpy when interrupted from tasks. Case in point:

Sad isn't it? All I needed was a sleeve for a CD. I knew some had been put in the filing cabinet, but I dread touching that thing. You see the drawers were meant strictly for hanging files. Any attempt to cram tons of crap in the bottoms of them results in said bottoms sagging and catching so that all the drawers open at once and none is accessible. Factor in a morning rush and voila spectacular temper tantrum.  When the bottom most drawer snuck out with the rest and smashed my toe, I threw the drawer in my hand on the floor and kicked the darn thing. My toe didn't thank me.

So today I spent hours going through the rats' nest of absolute junk in the drawers; warrenties from items we haven't owned in 8 years, the instructions for my toaster (I got that one I think) and electric bills from 2000. I also found the quirky; ACT scores and grades from college for both DH and me (found out that my psych prof gave me a D instead of the A I earned. Having died two weeks after exams and 15 years ago, I'm pretty sure it's a mute point.), some pictures of tombstones and a copy of Home Maintenance for Dummies.  At the request of my sweety, I made two bags of trash. The first was, well, just trash and the second was items to be shredded. I can not believe how many things before 2006 had my SSN on them! Yikes!

I labeled files for taxes from all 13 years we've been married (why do we have all those?), our current housing contract, the boys' school samples and records, insurance information and auto loans.

So after many hours of working on it, the dumb thing still looks like this:

Turns out those drawers were broken before I got a hold of them. Not as broken, mind you, but enough to make me feel slightly less pathetic. The flimsy bottoms were cracked and the corners were falling apart. So for now I'm filing that job away. Things to do Saturday: Guerrilla Glue the Drawers Together! I'm also planning to see if I can get my DH to let me burn the other bag or maybe rip it to shreds in a violent fit of temper. Sounds like so much more fun.... HA!

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  1. Are you sure that's not my filing cabinet? I sure looks like it. I have so much junk crammed in the drawers, I can never find anything. And here it is time to get those darn tax papers ready!