Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Only Eight Weeks...

In a short few weeks Spring will be here. The official start of the warm season and 12 hours or more of sunlight. For six glorious months the sun will favor the Northern Hemisphere and we only have eight weeks until it begins.

I'm looking forward to getting dandelion bouquets, to planting my flower boxes and to pulling out our flip flops.

I'm not sure what doors are going to open or shut for me. These next few weeks could bring happy changes or major disappointments. The housing market favors the repossessed houses of which there are many. Their heartbreak is our heartbreak too. Who wants to buy a full price house these days? Apparently no one.

If nothing else we will hopefully have some closure. I can hear several house project calling my name and it would be great to know whether to pursue them or not; whether to invest money, time or myself into this house in limbo.

These bleak days of winter uncertainty won't last much longer. Only eight more weeks until Spring.

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