Thursday, December 9, 2010

New Ornaments

We have several new ornaments this year. For the past few years we have been picking out ornaments when we travel instead of the junk we used to come home with. Not only is it more practical to carry home only an ornament from vacation, but it makes putting up the tree mean that much more to everyone. Here are the new comers:

 This one is from my Mom. She gave it to me for Christmas last year as a remembrance of my trip to London. Since it is the first year I get to display it, it's up here.
 We took a family trip to Chattanooga with my Sister in Law, her two boys, my in-laws and husband's aunt and girls. The highlight of the trip was the Tennessee Aquarium. 
 The boys and I go on field trips all the time, but one in particular stood out for this year; SIFAT. This ornament was hand made overseas and the proceeds go into the SIFAT program.
 This one is Griffin's pick for this year. He found this one early in the season and HAD to have it. I have more trains on my tree than anyone I know...
 Constance made these adorable spoon snowmen for each family in NACHO (our homschool support group). Isn't it cute?
 Griffin's hand ornament that he made last Christmas.
 This is the ornament I pick up IN London at the Tower. Again it is the first time it's been in the tree and I LOVE it.
 Carson's hand print ornament from last year... his hand was almost an inch longer!
 This was the trip I had a hard time finding an ornament to buy. DC is such a mecca of travelers you would think that in July they would have had more ornaments, but no. I couldn't find one I liked, so Lou picked this one.
The one trip I didn't get an ornament for was the trip we just took to the beach. I really wanted something "beachy", but all I could find after a full day of shopping was a goldfish or a hounds-tooth ball with monogram. Sheesh. I think I was at the wrong shopping center. I am thinking that I will print this picture of the Man-o-Wars on the beach and put it in a frame ornament. Unless anyone can find a Man-o-War ornament. LOL!

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