Tuesday, December 21, 2010

My Grown up Christmas List

This time of year my kids are obsessed with lists. To make life easier on our extended family we started each of the boys an Amazon wish list. They update daily well into December and can often be heard running down the hall yelling, "Oh, I forgot something!" To further uncomplicate things, we forced Lou to get a list too. Have you ever tried buying for a grown man who is into electronics? "Now that was a what kind of graphics card?" Since that was everyone but me with a list, I joined in. Now I know that the things on our grown up Christmas list are usually things like health, job security, happiness for our kids, or a new house in my case.... but those things are hard to wrap. When I started my list I found I didn't know what I wanted. Didn't I know ME at all? What did I want anyway?
How about this little beauty. Yeah, it's a crock pot. I started small. This one however has settings that allow you to cook meat to a certain temperature and then keep it safely warm until you get home, it can start and stop on schedule with the push of a button and can all but cook the meal without me. After consistently leaving my crock pot on for a couple hours longer than anticipated and finding a less than savory meal waiting, this would be a God send. Further practicality prevailed with the addition of a gas grill and a heavy duty blender.

Then I started loosening up....

A blue bike. A pretty, girly blue bike. I could ride around the block with the boys, telling them to keep up with me instead of slow down while I walk along. While I was at it, I added a little wicker basket for the front.

I spotted these while browsing for Thanksgiving ideas. Do I need new dishes? Not really, but I adore these. A set of ten would last a lifetime. Will I get them at $55 a place? Doubtful, but I love to see them on the list and say - THAT is what I like.

When I came across this one I was in LOVE. I have an obsession with the Union Jack and this seemed like the perfect way to keep it with me all the time. Heehee. If Santa doesn't come through this one is going to find it's way here by the new year.

How about the gift of music? I love this movie and the music to it transports me somewhere peaceful instantly. It is the perfect remedy to loud boys and muddy floors.

And speaking of muddy floors... one of the last things I added: shiny, RED rainboots. I think they could brighten up any rainy day.

How about you. If Santa was to visit your house, would he (or you) know what you really wanted?

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  1. Awesome list Heather! For me, it'a ALWAYS things for the kitchen- nowadays it's more like things to make cake baking/decorating easier for me, I asked for a food processor this year- never thought I needed one until I started to find more and more recipes that required one- ha! I love any cool/cute/retro/funky cake plates, I have always needed a pastry cutter (I get so tired of chopping butter into flour with knives or forks- I never get the right consistency!) and just other things that I can make food and bake with. ;o)