Monday, August 2, 2010

Washington DC Trip

Lou and I took our first get away as a couple this weekend. It was SO much fun! We had each been to DC, but never together and Lou had been working when he visited and not gotten to enjoy any of the museums or tours. We did SO much this weekend, but it was lovely!

Our flight left at 7am so we got up at 4am. What?! I didn't even know that 4 came twice a day. Only in theory. Our cheap flight (two for one!) went nonstop from Huntsville to Baltimore/DC. That put us a 30 minute train ride away from Metro DC. We hopped on the MARC and rode in for $6 a piece to Union Station. Woohoo!

From Union Station we hopped the Red-line Metro to DuPont Circle where our hotel, the Beacon Hotel, was just a couple of blocks away. On the way there we passed several embassies including Chile, Peru, Trinidad, Australia, Uzbekistan and the Philippines. Our hotel was really nice and we were thrilled with how centrally located it was. After a MUCH needed nap, we headed out for an evening stroll.

I call this one "Stop Texting Elliot!"
Just after we walked past the Korean War Memorial, we got caught in a huge down pour. Since there was no thunder we ducked under a huge tree to wait it out.
The rain cleared out and we continued our walk
Here I am asking President Madison WHAT he was thinking...
Fueling my presidential crush....
I LOVED the Jefferson monument, but I think he would have hated it. LOL!

After walking about five miles, we decided to call it a night. We stopped in at J and G's Steakhouse at the W's Washington Hotel by the White House. It was INCREDIBLE! Though we were under-dressed and smelled like two tourists who had been walking for hours after being caught in a rainstorm, they were gracious about it and the meal was insanely good. After that we were ready for some sleep.

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