Sunday, August 2, 2009

Not the Corn too!

Friday night, after a lovely evening with Lou's sister, her MIL and my two nephews at Lonnie and Brenda's, I decided to have a snack with my before bed movie. What to have... I was thinking Popcorn, but since I ALWAYS have popcorn (and my freak popcorn is impossible to find now) I picked up a bag of corn chips. Ingredients: Corn, corn oil, salt. Well, I thought, that aught to do it. After snacking on twice as many as a normal serving, I realized that my insides had swelled up to twice the normal size. Within an hour I felt like my insides were on fire and I spent the rest of the night in misery.

Can I cry now?

Sucking it up... At least I can still have Oreos.


  1. Ouch! I am so sorry Heather. What was in it that caused it?


  2. Had to be the corn. That is all that was in them. :o( I am off corn for two weeks and then I'll add it back and see.