Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Ohio Trip Pt 3

Tuesday morning we got up early, no fire alarms thank God, and had a little breakfast before heading out. While Dad was getting gas I ran to the Red Box across the road and got three movies for the kids to watch on the way home. I had checked the night before and it said I could drop them off again at ANY Red Box! I'll let you know if I get charged. ;o)

We hit the road and the construction was not AS bad on the southbound side. We were making pretty good time and I kept thanking Dad for agreeing to go to Abe Lincoln's Birthplace with us. All these years of north to south and back again and we have never seen most of these places along the way. I was stoked!

I picked up a Jr Ranger book for the boys to work on, but knew pretty quick that we would not be able to finish it. Dad was in a hurry to see the park and leave again. I tried to keep the kids moving through the museum and then the park. They are used to having all day to play at most of these areas. As we were about to leave I noticed that Mom and Dad were talking to a couple with a camera set up. As I got nearer Mom said, "Heather I think you should talk to them." Turns out they were making a documentary on National Parks and wanted someone to interview. Of all the times to be recorded. I had car hair, no make up, and I was wearing my "So long and thanks for all the fish" t-shirt. Sigh. I agreed. They got it all set up while we joked about people with no teeth wanting to be on camera. The lady asked, What to National Parks mean to you. Do you think they are important and should be preserved? I answered the question expecting another and they looked at each other and said, wow, well that was perfect. Thanks! That was it. I'm sure not going to win any awards, but I was glad to help them out. If I end up in the documentary, don't laugh. Okay, go ahead because I will!

The rest of the trip was spent stopping about every hour. We did finally make it home just after dark. I am exhausted. :o)

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