Friday, July 31, 2009

Kitchen Confessions

No one much likes to air their dirty laundry. We all want it nice and clean before it hits the line where just anyone can see it. However I think we give each other a false since of failure when we do this. We wonder if we are really the ONLY ones with dirty laundry to begin with. In this spirit of confession and renewal of your self confidence I bring you... my kitchen.

The hardware on the cabinets has bothered me ever since we moved in, but with 23 knobs to purchase at an average of $3 a knob... well I didn't have $75 for hardware so I bought a $10 can of automotive paint that claimed it would stick to ANY surface. Apparently the never tested it on porcelain. Ug.

This drawer has... issues. It was unceremoniously bang together with four inch construction nails before we bought the house. I've always wondered what exactly they were thinking as they did this? The knob will not stay on as it was also nailed on crooked.

Okay, tilt your head to the right. This is one of those pictures that blogger will NOT let me rotate. This is the, um, cornice(?) above my sink. It is just yucky with the 80's cut out wood shapes. Gag.

This is the project that I think will make the biggest impact on my kitchen. I am going to replace the one inch squares of wood at the top of the cabinets with crown moldings. Oh yeah. The first piece came off with minimal work, but tore up a piece of my wallpaper. Ack! I think I can fix that...

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