Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Ohio Trip Pt 1

My dad is very strange about travel. Well, maybe not strange since there seem to be quite a few people that can sympathize. It's not that he minds traveling, it's just that he doesn't like to stop. I remember the time we made it all the way to Bluffton (550 miles) in just eight hours. He was especially proud of that one. It should have come as no surprise that Dad asked for our bags on Thursday night, packed the van and was at our house to pick us up at 7 AM. Friday, travel day, was spent rushing up to Ohio, although with the boys in tow and long stretches of construction, it took us twelve hours to arrive. Dad was not pleased.

Here are the boys at Aunt Kathy and Uncle Dave's house.

Aunt Kathy and I with the boys.

Uncle Dave couldn't resist a silly picture! LOL!

After some chatting we all headed down to the local Dairy Freeze. We ordered ice cream, shakes, hot dogs, BLT's and more ice cream. By the time we left we had gathered several more relatives and headed back to Kathy and Dave's for more talk and some pie until almost midnight.

The next morning we slept in...

Despite the fact that we HAVE a pool, the boys were really anxious to swim. I took my book down to read and warned the boys to be careful since the indoor pool area was so loud I couldn't hear a call for help over the normal squealing. G let me know that I was being watched...


Austin and Carson

After I took this picture I thought I might want to feed G. Hmmm.

Mom called me about then and said that we were invited to visit with Uncle Mike, Aunt Donna and my step-grandmother Dorothy. I shooed the kids out of the pool and we got dressed with enough time to hit a couple of yard sales. LOL! Yes we were yard saling on vacation - BECAUSE I had forgotten C-boo's shoes at home. Yes, we did score a NEW pair in his size that I liked with his suite: Black canvas pirate loafers. CUTE!

Lunch with Dorothy, Mike and Donna was at KFC where luckily I can eat. Not a lot, but I have a couple of options and that is better than most places. We talked about the best places to see in London and Paris and how their gorgeous lavender fields are coming along. By the time we dropped Dorothy back at her house (popped across the street to Brandy's yard sale), we had just enough time to get dressed for the wedding.

I don't take pictures at wedding ceremonies. Flashes from one camera can mess up pictures from another person's camera and the bride's family is paying for a photographer - so DON'T DO IT! ;o) Here are a few shots from the reception:

Five tables of Andersons.

Aunt Susie, Mom and Aunt Kathy.

Cutting the cake - hi-ya! April was having way too much fun with that knife.

The first dance...

Carson was loving the crayons and color pages for the kids. Isn't he looking good in his suit?

Dance floor!

Austin hits the dance floor:

Austin and Johnny learning the dance.

Go Griffin!

The boys were SO funny. They really got into the dancing. Austin would dance and then fake falling in the floor or off the stage. Carson is my dancer and he was brakin' it down! G boogied his pants off a couple times, but caught them just in time. I even got up there and danced a couple of dances with my guys. We stayed long enough to help clean up a bit and then headed back to the hotel for some much needed shut eye.

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